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Gavin Collier

Chief Executive Officer

Executive Biography

Mr. Collier is an experienced scientist, legal practitioner, and business executive, which provides any team he is a part of with competent leadership. Mr. Collier provides a thoughtful critical thinking approach, which is an asset to the many successful businesses he has co-founded, founded, and sold.

Mr. Collier and Jordan Erskine recently had a big win with one of their several successful businesses. Mr. Collier not only created the entity legally, but he also negotiated and strategized in such a way as to give him and his business partners an extremely favorable contractual outcome. His key role and confident negotiation ability netted many tens of millions of dollars for him and his partners.

Mr. Collier has also played a key role in Dynamic Blending Specialists, Inc., an award-winning business, that just recently won the American Business Awards “Bronze” for fastest-growing business. Dynamic has grown by leaps and bounds, ever-expanding its capabilities. With its experienced executive team, Mr. Collier and Jordan Erskine have created a company that is not only innovative but also exciting and successful.

Mr. Collier sits on the board of several companies and is currently Chairman for NarcX, Inc.

Prior to his partnership with Jordan in forming Dynamic, Mr. Collier climbed the ranks in his firm and earned partner status. Mr. Collier provided aggressive and prepared legal services, which made him very formidable as a trial attorney.
Mr. Collier has 11 years in personal care manufacturing and has recently been named CEO of Dynamic Blending Specialists, Inc. His prior title was Vice President and COO.

Mr. Collier has an A.S. in general studies as well as a B.S. Degree in Life Sciences Biology with an emphasis in Chemistry and Micro and Molecular Biology. Mr. Collier also obtained his Doctor of Jurisprudence and is a licensed attorney in the State of Utah.

Mr. Collier speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Mr. Collier enjoys being with his family and playing golf on occasion.

Jordan Erskine

Chief Operations Officer

Executive Biography

Jordan Erskine is a highly motivated entrepreneur who has co-founded & sold many successful businesses. Jordan has over 17 years in the personal care/skincare industry. Jordan currently serves as President for the award-winning contract manufacturer Dynamic Blending. Jordan also serves as Chief Operating Officer for NarcX. 

Jordan has spent his entire career in the manufacturing and R&D world. Jordan started his career at a large contract manufacturing facility, Wasatch Product Development, in Draper Utah. At Wasatch Product Development he wore many hats in R&D, manufacturing, formulations, etc. He spent many years in R&D developing new and innovative personal care/skincare products. Jordan then moved on to a large dental manufacturing firm named Ultradent Products, Inc. Here, Jordan formulated and provided technical formulations assistance for two large Fortune 500 company accounts, Glaxo Smith-Kline, and Colgate-Palmolive. 

After this Jordan decided to start Dynamic Blending with Gavin Collier due to the huge need for contract manufacturers. Dynamic Blending was founded in 2015 and has seen triple-digit growth year over year. Jordan’s vision for Dynamic Blending was to offer a full turnkey solution in the skincare contract manufacturing industry. That is what Dynamic Blending does. From concept to fulfillment, Dynamic Blending can do it all. 

Jordan and Gavin created a strategic program for Dynamic Blending to joint venture with other companies. This allows the other companies to have full access to Dynamic Blending when equity is given. 

Jordan loves to golf and spend time with his family. Jordan holds an MBA in International Business from Northeastern University.

Michael Racaniello


Executive Biography

Michael Racaniello currently is one of the directors sitting on the board of Nass Valley Gateway Ltd, a publicly-traded company with listings on both the Canadian Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Exchange. Michael’s primary responsibility is putting together sales strategies, data buying, and lead generation for the brands under the NVG name. Michael, along with his team, opened a small durable medical equipment company primarily focusing on orthotic bracing. Within 6 years, Michael and his team built the business into 7 companies generating in excess of $40,000,000 in revenue. He utilized his ability to come up with detail workflows, building software, unique sales strategies and connections within the data world to take these companies to the next level with national campaigns. One of the companies being Prothotics Health which was acquired to Advance Bioceuticals limited and got merged with Nass valley gateway. This is one of his biggest accomplishments within his professional career. Michael was able to accomplish all of this before he was 30 years old. He is truly passionate about helping people and devoted much of his career building companies that do exactly that. Now as a director of Nass Valley Gateway he is given another opportunity to utilize his skillset and help people live better healthier lives.

Michael currently resides in New Jersey with his family of three. Outside of work Michael’s primary focus is his wife and son. Work always keeps him busy but he makes sure to always make time for them. His wife and son are the fuel that keeps him passionate about what he does. Although he enjoys the work that he does in his spare time he enjoys cooking, reading, and traveling.

Michael Semler

Chief Financial Officer

Executive Biography

Mr. Semler is Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Nass
Valley Gateway Ltd.. He also sits on the Audit Committee. He has worked in finance and marketing in the healthcare and wellness business for the last 15 years. He led the capital fundraising for Advanced Bioceuticals Ltd prior to its merger with NassValley Gateway and maintains financial relationships with NVG’s banking, private equity, and investor partners. Along with the executive management and accounting teams, he leads the strategic financial direction of NVG and oversees its financial reporting practices.

Prior to Nass Valley Gateway, he was CFO of Advanced Bioceuticals and was also
CFO of Cause Capital Inc., who produced marketing and advertising solutions for healthcare brands and healthcare advocacy NGOs. He was SVP at Momentum Worldwide, an IPG marketing company until 2011 and led its healthcare division, working with major pharmaceutical brands in their New York office. He graduated from Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Arts.

Armand Assante


Executive Biography

Armand Assante has distinguished himself as one of the most elusive and yet prolific Actors of his generation. Internationally he is sought in the Film sector as much as he has been the guest of leading industrialists and leaders around the world.

Currently, his leading participation in the Film “The Wanderers, Quest of the Demon Hunter”, Comedy Director Dragos Buliga’s first film has received “Best Dramatic Feature” at The Philip K. Dick Film Festival in New York. It has earned him Best Actor as well as Best Film at the Unreal Festival in Memphis, Tennessee, and opening the Garden State Film Festival in March of 2018, he has been awarded Most Valuable Player and the film, Best Feature Film in the Horror Genre.

In 2015 Armand received The Lifetime Achievement Award from the Garden State Film Festival at Atlantic City and followed it by joining Producer Jules Nasso and TaeKwonDo Legend Master Kim in an homage to Asian action cinema in the film “Darc’. He now joins a documentary in Europe helmed by Jakov Sedlar on global affairs both as himself and in a dramatic turn as “Machiavelli.”

When not working, Armand Assante is a landmine removal activist. He is an active member of Landmine Survivors Network, which is a data-based communications group that specializes in the immediate rehabilitation and medical assistance for landmine victims globally. LSN is based in Washington, D.C. and was founded by landmine survivors Jerry White and Ken Rutherford.

On his second trip to Croatia after before and post 9/11 Assante contributed personally and raised financing for Doking Engineering, a firm specializing in the removal and detonation of landmines. He has actually been on landmine sites in Croatia with Slavko Majetic, the head of Doking Engineering, twice in 2000 and 2001. His contribution created international assistance that addressed the landmine sweep in Croatia dramatically.

His website includes information on how contributions can be made to these two outstanding organizations.

During the production of ‘Blind Dragon’, a documentary he has written and directed on the global landmine crisis, Armand in the winter of 2003 in Africa, was forced to stop filming, before entering Angola, the budget threatened by embezzlement in that country.

His Daughter Anya 35 is Director of Marketing for ‘Theory” in Manhattan having previously worked for Louis Vuitton, Christies, and David Yurman.

Alesandra 30, an Actress, Producer, Singer, and Composer attended Hunter College in Manhattan. They reside there and on their farm in the Hudson Valley.

Armand’s outdoor passion has seen him raise Horses, champion bloodline German Shepherds, Bulls, and Trees.


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