Our Business Strategy


Reg A+ Offering

As a company, we have made a strategic decision to utilize our US subsidiary, Nass Valley Gardens Inc, as a vehicle to raise capital via a Regulation A+ Exemption offering which will launch in Q4 of 2022. We will offer 12 million shares at $5 per share and our target is to raise $60M and can increase that up to $75M if needed. We will take the net proceeds and under Nass Valley Gardens Inc, will acquire already targeted well-managed, revenue producing US companies or other companies that have a product or products with enormous potential that we can add value to either by 1) investing capital to accelerate its growth, or by 2) pushing the product(s) into sales and distribution channels it previously could not penetrate.


Our Roadmap to Success

Our plan is clear. We want to acquire companies that are consumer products manufacturers in the Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle industries. Our goal is to acquire 4 to 6 companies and have 2023 top line revenue reach $90M+. As Nass Valley Gardens Inc is a subsidiary of Nass Valley Gateway Ltd, all the benefits of its growth will be shared by Nass Valley Gateway shareholders as well.
We are committed to achieving the best possible results for our shareholders. We will only acquire companies that have like-minded cultures, strong ethics, and who take pride in producing products that allow our customers to live their definition of an ideal lifestyle. This is the Nass Valley Gateway mission and we will not waver from it!