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Nass Valley Gateway


Building A Better Future

Nass Valley Gateway Ltd is mapping a new and exciting strategy to take advantage of certain market opportunities the market is presenting us. Our roots in the CBD consumer products space have allowed us to look to expand on our previous successes and experiences by diversifying our product offering, sales channels, and size of our corporate footprint.


Our Roadmap to Success

As a company, we have made a strategic decision to utilize our US subsidiary, Nass Valley Gardens Inc., as a vehicle to raise capital via select investors to build a financial war chest for near-future acquisitions. These targeted acquisitions will be primarily concentrated in companies that offer consumer health and wellness products and each will be required to have an established brand or brands in recognized sales channels that we feel we can add value to our organization.


Our Products are Live

Nass Valley Gardens has formulated some of the best CBD products to maintain overall well-being.

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Company News

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