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We believe that by allowing our core values of integrity, kindness, having fun, and doing your smartest work, to guide and inform our everyday business practices will lead to a consistently higher level of daily work product and help us all be better people. We all need beacons to follow, especially when navigating daily challenges, and by following our core values, we always have reference points to keep us on our road to success. We see ourselves as the benchmark in the industry and have found success in prioritizing the following:

We promise to deliver the highest quality of products throughout our manufacturing, sales and distribution channels. At the same time, we also aim to educate our consumers on best practices and provide them with the highest quality of health, wellness, and lifestyle products. We stand by our products and always maintain a “no questions asked” 100% full refund, 30-day return policy.

We hold regulations in high regard as they protect both individuals and companies from harm. There is a need for safety and oversight in how products are manufactured, transported, and sold within our communities. That is why we believe in honest labeling and accurate claims of the benefits of CBD. Nass Valley Gateway LTD and its subsidiaries strictly comply with all local, state, national, and international laws and guidelines regarding CBD-based products.

The only thing our company wants to leave behind is a positive impact on individuals and communities. At Nass Valley Gateway Ltd, we believe in taking care of our planet through recycling and making decisions that further benefit the environment. 

As part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives, our imperative is to leave behind a positive impact on the personalized health and wellness of individuals and the communities our customers live in. At Nass Valley Gateway Ltd., we believe we are stewards of Mother Earth and have a responsibility to conserve water, energy, limiting packaging waste, minimizing single use plastics, and practice consistent recycling so we do our part in minimizing our impact on the environment.