Vancouver, BC – August 26, 2015

To all Nass Valley Gateway’s/ S. R. Haddon Industries’ investors and followers:
thank you for your recent  interest in the Company’s “substantial transaction” and  the “halt trading” of Nass Valley Gateway’s (“NVG”) shares both on the CSE and the Frankfurt Exchange. This halt was initiated at the Company’s request as required under the “Canadian Corporation Act” (the “ACT”) whilst the Campany filed all necessary documentation with the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) including the Canadian securities commissions of the Provinces of British Columbia and Ontario for a so called “substantial  change” which involves a change of control in respect to the acquisition of S R Haddon Industries Ltd as well as seeking a name and symbol change for its securities.
Management can assure all interested parties that the Company will do everything within its power to have the by the ACT required “trading halt” of its stock lifted, not only in the interest of “All” shareholders but also in the interest of an orderly market performance by releasing full disclosure about the transaction.