Management & Directors


Dieter Peter President & CEO
Eric Peter-Kaiser
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Michael Kelm
Corporate Secretary


Andrew von Kursell Director
Eric Peter-Kaiser
Milo Filgas
Dieter Peter Director

Dieter Peter

President, CEO & Director

Since 1982, Mr. Peter has been involved as founder and principal in resource exploration companies which have been listed on the Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and London Stock Exchanges. His experience includes all aspects of building companies, financing and management of projects and personnel.

Mr. Peter was the founder, Chairman & CEO of Merfin International Inc. and Concert Industries Ltd., both innovative manufacturing companies and preferred suppliers of the largest multinational companies within the personal hygiene industries, which were subsequently listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and became companies of the TSE300 Index. He is also CEO of Mineral Hill Industries Ltd. and Director / CEO of Global Environomic Systems Corp. and Kirkland Precious Metals Corp. In the year 2000 Mr. Peter received the Ernst Young Entrepreneur “Of The Year” award in the category “Manufacturing”.


Eric Peter-Kaiser; B.Sc

Interim Chief Financial Officer, Director

Mr. Peter-Kaiser possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and has over 10 years of experience working in the Film Industry. He has extensive experience in film production, finance, development, marketing, distribution, brands, and new media. He has a proven record meeting goals, budgets and delivering a consistent job performance.


Andrew v. Kursell; P.Eng.


Mr. von Kursell is an experienced senior executive in the national and international mining industry, having held senior operation positions for such companies as Cominco Ltd. and Cyprus Anvil Mining Corp. He is director of several junior companies Ascot Mining Plc,, Mineral Hill Industries Ltd.,former Director of Pencari Mining Corporation and Director of International PetroReal Oil Corporation. Mr Von Kursell has many years of experience as a member of various corporate committees and is presently chairing the audit committee and HR and safety committee of the Company.


Milo Filgas


Mr. Milo Filgas is a Marine Engineer and has over 55 years of experience in the mining and milling industries in Canada. He is the owner and President of R. F. Fry & Associates (Pacific) Ltd, a well-known mining and milling contractor in Canada. Mr. Filgas has extensive experience in the Canadian mining industry, mine development as well as operations and has a thorough knowledge of Canadian mining and Labour Laws. Mr. Filgas has served as director of public companies in Canada.