March 27, 2019 News Release

March 27, 2019 News Release 150 150 Nass Valley Gateway

News Release



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Mr. John Affenita, Director and CEO of Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. reports:

Two Major Shareholders of Advanced Bioceuticals Limited Acquire Controlling Share-Positions Through an Acquisition and Share Exchange.

The Directors of Global 1 Solutions LLC (“GSL”) and National Brace Inc. (“NBI”), the companies which are equal shareholders of Advanced Bioceuticals Limited (“ABL”), have acquired 130,700,000 shares for each of GSL and NBI from Nass Valley Gateway Ltd  (“Nass Valley”) for 100% of the outstanding shares of ABL pursuant to a Definitive Acquisition And Share Exchange agreement (“DASE_Agr”) between ABL and Nass Valley (“Transaction”).

Referring to Nass Valley’s News Release dated March 13, 2019, the approved issuance of the combined total of 261,400,000 shares issued to GSL and NBI represents the total consideration for the acquisition for 100% of ABL’s assets at a deemed share price of Can$ 0.1429 per share.

Prior to this Transaction, neither GSL or NBI nor its directors owned any of Nass Valley’s outstanding securities. As a result of the Transaction, GSL and NBI own each 41.87% of the presently issued and outstanding shares of Nass Valley which would represent 39.70% ownership for each GSL and NBI in Nass Valley’s share capital on a fully diluted basis.

All 261,400,000 shares issued to GSL and NBI will be subject to an escrow agreement, a copy of which is available under the profile of the Company on The shares are also subject to resale restrictions prescribed by the U.S. securities laws and cannot be resold during the next 12 months and without strict compliance with the U.S. securities laws.

We seek Safe Harbor.

For further information please contact:   John Affenita, Director & CEO

                                                                                         Phone: +1 (516) 680-0433

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